I’m Back!






Iyong Awit


Noon ng makilala kita
Di ko inaasahan ang madarama
Bakit nangyaring ganito ka kahalaga
Sa puso kong matagal ng nag-isa

Mga awit mo na gumuhit
Mga tingin mong iniwasan kong pilit
Mga yakap mo kahit saglit
Doon lamang ako kumakapit

Umiwas man ako sayo
Alam kong walang magbabago
Alam kong hindi ko maitatago
Ang nangyaring pagkabigo

Sana sa minsan mo pang pagkanta
Ang pangalan ko ay yong maalala
Kahit dun lamang akoy sasaya
Dahil alam kong sakanya ka liligaya

Wag kang mag-alala akoy hindi umaasa
Ngingiti ulit sa muli nating pagkikita
Hindi mo kailanman makikita
Ang luha at pait saaking mga mata

End it All


I want to run, I want to Hide
I just can’t stand the pain inside
I want to cry and end it all
Im begging him to take my soul

I just can’t laugh it makes me weak
A smile on my face I just cant fake
I always say that I’m just fine
And that the sun will always shine

I will be fine I know I can
I have my friends we will have fun
I’ll live my life just like before
I will be numb again once more

If this is the way for everything to be alright
I will do it again even if it’s not right
The life I’ve learned to live and love
Ill give to him and be peaceful above.

Left Behind


How will you ever learn how to love
When you don’t even know what you have
You will never know what to give
Cause no one ever stayed they always leave

They let you feel you’re the second best
Loving them is like a test
You’ll always fail when they check your part
Because you cant let them have your heart

You’re afraid for new beginning
Because you don’t believe in happy ending
You’ve always been left behind pretending
But deep inside I know you’ re dying

The Guy



I promised not to weep
And all the memories I should keep
Even though the pain ‘s so deep
I should learn to heal when I sleep

Yes, I should learn to let you go
Even if I love you so
Because I can’t hold on forever
And someone could love me better

A person who will be there all the way
Someone who would never walk away
Whatever happens he will stay
And will hold on to my “Come what May”

Someone who will never let me cry
Hurting me, he will never try
A person who will promise to love me until he die
Soon I hope to meet this GUY!



I’ve been hurt for a million times
I let them hear the same old rhymes
I’ve written again the painful lines
But still I cant find the given signs

One day, in that place I found Peace
And that feeling, called at ease
Thought I found the missing piece
And I will enjoy an everlasting bliss

But oh!, it was just a dream
And now its time to face the reality again
Another day to live life and begin
Lets see if this time I’ll be given the chance to win

A star beside that crazy moon


In this journey of life I feel alone
That leads me to be a stone
No one will ever know what I had or what I own
The feelings I have will die unknown

The tears I kept will set them free
I know it’s hard to be like me
You will never see the things I see
I’m standing here like an old oak tree

If there comes  a time that you’ll see me leave
I guess I have given all that I can give
But don’t worry you’ll see me again soon
A star that shines beside that crazy moon